Reel Appeal


I've spent the last fifteen plus years creating a variety of exciting global marketing campaigns and advertising assets for kids and adults. Media below is a small taste of those campaigns, a small selection of some of the commercial and internal comms assets I have been involved with.

LEGO® Star Wars EpViii in 2 mins


LEGO® Star Wars 2018 speedy recap of Episode VIII helped get kids up to speed on the new saga and bring some character and set recognition to the franchise.


ROLE: Senior Art Director

LEGO® Play Day/ 90th Anniversary Invitation


To excite colleagues and tease their interest in the gloabl Play Day, we invited them to travel through time, in celebration of the LEGO Group's 90th anniversary.


ROLE: Writer/Creative Lead

LEGO® Star Wars 20th Anniversary


LEGO® Star Wars takes a rare peek inside Lucasfilm headquarters in this 20th anniversary celebration video.


ROLE: Writer/Director/Sr. AD

Emmy Nominated - LEGO® Star Wars - The Freemaker Adventures


LEGO® Star Wars - The Freemaker Adventures. Three seasons of exciting, heartfelt family entertainment for which we received 6 Emmy nominations.


ROLE: Senior Art Director/ Creative Producer

LEGO Star Wars - All Stars TVC


LEGO® Star Wars - All Star Sets 2019.

The campaign called out some of the most memorable sets and characters from the saga and elevated them to the status of icons. We then presented them to a slightly older target in a way that made talking about them excitng.



ROLE: Creative Lead Mngr.

LEGO® Hidden Side


Ths spot launched a new digital/physical play platform for the LEGO Group. The play was edgy, aged-up and targeted at a young and pre-teen audience.


ROLE: ACD Creative Lead 

LEGO® Internal Comms - What it Feels Like to Play


To ignite colleague passions for play and desire to join play activities globally, we kicked off a campaign demonstrating what it feels like.


ROLE: Creative Lead

LEGO® - Build Together 2012


In 2012, my team at the LEGO® Agency transformed the Dad's campaign into a family messaging campign called Build Together, emphasising the moment that family play expands creativity by jumping imagination's boundaries to take over the world.


ROLE: Art Director/ VO

LEGO® Ninjago 2019


Discover the Secrets campaign TVC. In this spot, we highlight some of the cool features of the product using some anime freeze techniques to help kids discover the secrets.


ROLE: Creative Manager