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In 2019, I got the opportunity to create a LEGO® Original figure. My initial proposal for this piece was inspired by the science fiction stories I devoured as a kid, and heavily influenced by my seaside hometown, New Bedford.


I knew I wanted to do more than paint the figure, it should become a part of the story. I chose a sculptable putty to build up the wooden surface, then created the tentacle appendage from epoxy and fiberglas over a plastic and wire armature. The figure is hand painted in acrylic and varnished.


The story of these behemouths' locked in undersea combat reflects humanities internal struggles. In this case, one that begins to consume the figure.


Currently on display at LEGO HOUSE


BELOW: A n internal awards commission for  The LEGO Group's Leadership Playground program. Made in collaboration with Alexander Blais, who designed the book model.


Handpainted Wooden Figures and LEGO Bricks


2020, 18x20x16cm - Flame-worked glass, copper, silver and hardwoods.


The initial idea for this sculpture was inspired by the book American Gods, in which Neil Gaiman imagines a whole new set of gods rooted in modern technology.


The robot-like character is one I've worked with for many years, mostly in sketches and paintings. It is a sorrogate, a replacement or stand-in for humanity, I think of it as the Man-After-Man. The physical form our technology may take when it grows beyond our imposed limits and takes-over.


I imagined facing this new god-like creature at the end of days, wondering whether it would allow me to pass on into the afterlife. Much as the ancient Egyptians feared facing Anubis and worried whether their soul was light enough.


Here Man-After-Man acts as a replacement for Anubis patiently waiting to weigh the souls while a two headed snake, standing in for Ammit, seemingly made of pure energy, although made of flameworked glass, waits to devour the all too weighty souls.


available for purchase.