I've spent the last fifteen plus years creating a variety of exciting global marketing campaigns and advertising assets for kids and adults. The portfolio above has a small taste of those campaigns.

The videos below are a few samples of some of the many hours of content to which, I've had the privilege of contributing.


The file below contains samples of professional work. Please don't copy them or use them for nefarious purposes. - Thanks.


LEGO Build Together campaign

LEGO® Star Wars - All Star Sets 2019. 

The campaign called out some of the most memorable sets and characters from the saga and elevated them to the status of icons.

LEGO® Star Wars - The Freemaker Adventures. Three seasons of exciting, heartfelt family entertainment for which we received 6 Emmy nominations.

LEGO® NINJAGO 2019 - Discover the Secrets campaign TVC. In this spot, we highlight some of the cool features of the product using some anime freeze techniques to help kids discover the secrets.

LEGO® Star Wars visits the Lucasfilm headquarters in this 20th anniversary celebration video.

LEGO® and Nat Geo partnered up for some fun and lightly educational content, created at NASA. 

LEGO® Star Wars 2018 speedy recap of Episode VIII helped get kids up to speed on the new saga and bring some character and set recognition to the franchise.

LEGO® Star Wars 2018 Galaxy spot highlights the largest assortment to date in a 30 second TVC.


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