The old mythologies are dying and new ones are being born everyday. The ancients were so connected to the earth and sky, the weather and stars, that they could live harmoniously with the world. Our world has different connections, fueled by technology. Our gods and mythologies begin to reflect this new humanity, a post human mythos.


I love whimsical elements and childish fun, much of my work references toys and the adventurous explorations of youth. Spaceman and robots are near and dear to my heart, eternal explorers that find themselves in sticky situations.


The painting is "Progress", a nod to my hometown, New Bedford and its efforts to clean up and become the belle of New England she deserves to be. The city was once the whaling capital of the world, hence the blue whale, but the true impetus came from a radio story I heard a few years ago. Apparently there is a lonely blue whale out in the sea somewhere, who broadcasts his/her song at a completely different frequency than other Blue whales. The scientists who monitor that whale are unsure if it can be heard, or hear the other Blues. The utter loneliness of roaming the sea without contact with your own kind, inspired me to create this painting.

Why - A Few Words